"Aqua Booster" - 11x14 pour painting

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Did you know a massive amount of water is dumped onto rocket launch pads just before lift off? As the rockets fire, the acoustic energy of the sound waves is dampened by this water, or otherwise it would reflect back and destroy the rocket. And so, this painting's name, "Aqua Boosters" was born. 

Original abstract art pour painting on 11x14 in. (28x35.5 cm) canvas. Created using a fluid art swipe technique with metallic cobalt, phthalo green, deep magenta, red and yellow acrylic paints. 

Acrylic painting is protected with an isolation coat and then sealed with three coats of gloss varnish. Paint was poured on the sides so no frame is needed. The back of the canvas is left raw and a sawtooth hook will be included with your order for you to hang in your preferred orientation.