Meet the Artist

Owner of Studio Sweet T at Moraine Lake in Banff

INFJ | The empath and advocate. Complex warmth. Uncanny insight. Lives in a world of quiet introspection, hidden meanings, imagination, and possibilities.

Enneagram 2 | The giver. Loves without strings attached.

I'm Teyanna. I'm so glad you're here!

I'm a Wisconsin girl born and raised on my family's farm. Revering the beauty of nature's paintbrush around and above us is something I inherited from many generations before me. Many of my pieces are inspired by sorbet sunsets behind the silos, vineyard valley views, or a starry night in the dog days of summer.

My pour painting addiction began in the quarantine era when I started bingeing how-to pour painting videos instead of Netflix. I created my first pieces in my grandpa's old carpentry shop and to this day it's my space of nostalgic creativity. 

To me, pour painting is as much a science as it is an art. It requires an analytical approach while embracing the creative unknown. How do those two brain hemispheres collaborate instead of clashing?

Equal parts arts + smarts. As an INFJ, I've been a walking contradiction my entire life. I like to narrate bright, colorful stories using data as proof points. My ideal playlist consists of Broadway musicals and EDM. I have a Master's degree in Animal Sciences and a certificate in dance performance from UW-Madison.

I hope my work, inspired by the sweet little things in life, can feed both the creative and curious parts of your mind.

Have questions about my artwork? Give me a jingle - and tell your folks I says hi!