6 tips for ordering a custom pour painting

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6 tips for ordering a custom pour painting

So there you are, standing in an artist’s booth at a local show or browsing their website to admire the latest creations. One catches your eye and you think, “If only it were bigger/smaller or this color instead of that one.”

Well, you’re in luck! Many artists, including myself, get stoked about the opportunity to create custom pieces.

Commissioning artwork is a collaborative conversation. My hope is that you enjoy being part of the creative process while bringing to life something you will enjoy forever.

I cherish the connection that comes from the collaboration, as well as the opportunity to stretch creative boundaries. Contrary to what it might seem, artists don't always have the creative answers in their heads. Some of my best work has been an idea sparked by someone else with my own twist.

Here are 6 tips for ordering a custom pour painting:

1. Get in touch with the artist

Sometimes the most daunting step is reaching out to the artist. But I promise, I want you to ask if something you like, but don't love, can be created in another size, color or style! Art is as unique as the individual who values it, and it should be an outward expression of that inner significance. 

Don’t be afraid to ask about the commissioning process right there in the booth. Visit an artist’s website (you're already in the right place!), send an e-mail, or slide into our DM’s on Facebook or Instagram

2. Secure a contract for commissioned art

Get housekeeping items out of the way first with an artist. We'd rather spend more time talking creative collaboration with you! And, neither of us want the awkward conversation of how much the custom piece costs after it's already been made.

Knowing your budget will help determine size, canvas type, and style of pour painting. The contract you create with an artist should also cover details like timelines, down payments, and delivery method.

3. Visualize the space for your custom artwork

Consider practicality as well as creativity. Where will you hang your art? What orientation would you prefer? Do you want it to be a statement piece, or a seamless integration to the surrounding aesthetic?

Pro tip: Use painter’s tape to tape out the space on your wall and live with it for a few days to make sure you’re comfortable with your custom piece there.

If you're ordering custom artwork as a gift, choose a canvas size and color scheme that goes well with a few different spaces for them. This will help provide flexibility when displaying their new artwork.

Now comes the fun part: Putting paint to canvas!

Pink and rose gold pour painting

4. Describe the painting vibe with an open mind

Especially with an abstract art form like pour painting, give yourself permission to be surprised and stay open to possibilities. Allow room for freedom and intuition in our creative process together. It will help create a heartfelt expression on canvas in the end.

At the same time, the more context you can give my right brain, the more opportunity for inspiration. Having photos or color swatches are helpful.

Sometimes you don’t quite know what you’re going for and that’s alright, too. We’ll get there together! If you don’t know where to start, browse my online galleries to find which pieces resonate you. 

Here are a few examples of thought starters people have given me for inspiration:

  • A vacation scene you dream about
  • DC Comics superhero characters
  • A pet’s coat colors or markings
  • Your favorite ice cream flavor  

5. Communicate and ask the artist questions  

Communication goes beyond our collaboration kick-off. Feel free to ask questions along the way. Artists love geeking out on the creative process if you’re willing to listen!

Each Studio Sweet T original takes 4-6 weeks to create from start to finish. I’ll send sneak peeks and updates to ensure the piece is coming to life just as you imagined.

Provide honest feedback when you see the sneak peek, too. My ultimate goal is to hear that you love it; it’s also an opportunity to tell me if something missed the mark. I will make every effort to ensure your vision of a custom piece is brought to life.

6. Send a photo once your custom artwork is home

Artists often create, sign, seal, and deliver – but the story stops there for us and we’re left wondering how our artistic love child is doing in its new home. Seeing your piece in its natural habitat really is the cherry on top. Send a pic when you have your custom artwork displayed, and you’ll make my day!

At the heart of creating a commissioned painting is a connection between artist and art-lover. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the “Studio Sweet T Smile” as a client sees their custom piece for the first time.

Ready to commission a Studio Sweet T original pour painting? Connect with me to collab!

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